The future of telecommunications

To celebrate the completion of a major student project commemorating the centennial of Canada’s first radio broadcasts, Matthieu Dugal, from Moteur de recherche, hosted a conference and panel discussion on the future of telecommunications at ÉTS.

This panel, held in room A-1600, was also broadcasted live on the radio by a daring graduation project to replicate the technical prowess achieved by Marconi 100 years ago. The broadcast was heard on 1350AM for people within a 5 km radius of the ÉTS!

The event also featured old radio equipment and demonstrations of mechanical gramophones.

Panel discussion participants:

• Frédérick Nabki, a professor-researcher at LACIME, currently working on a project to update the spark radio, created by Marconi. This technology could even replace Bluetooth.
• Annie Levasseur, Scientific Director of CERIEC and member of CIRODD, is interested in life cycle analysis and the creation of technologies that are less harmful to the environment.
• Denis Couillard, Director, Solutions Development, Ultra Communications, expert in the utility of telecommunications in times of crisis.