Heritage trail: Montreal radio pioneers

Welcome to our heritage trail! This interactive map will lead you on a geographic exploration of the places in Montreal that witnessed the birth of radio broadcasting in Canada.

The heritage trail is divided into Circuit 1 and Circuit 2. If you press on this icon  at the top of the map, you can select what you get to see in the map. You can choose to see just one circuit, or both at the same time, or just the important locations that we have identified. Click on the icons of the important locations on the map to view more details about them.

You can use the zoom buttons to navigate the map. You can also click on this icon    to see a bigger version of the map on a new page.

You can find links to the circuit guides below. These guides offer more detailed descriptions of all the locations in each circuit. We also added a printable version of the map in case you don’t have access to the online map.

We hope this heritage trail encourages you to continue your virtual exploration of local radio broadcasting history.


Circuit 1


Circuit 2